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Caring for patients in the Sylacauga area for over 20 years, Dr. Rick Redmond has a great reputation for quality dentistry. With an experienced and caring staff, we strive to make your dental experience as pleasant as possible. We personalize our service to fit your needs and offer a wide range of dental services. These include children's dentistry, restoration of implants, mini implants to stabilize dentures, dentures, and cosmetic dentistry among other options. The cosmetic dentistry includes tooth colored fillings, Lumineers brand veneers, all porcelain crowns, and in office tooth whitening.

If you are a first time patient, we offer downloadable Patient Information and our Registration and Health History forms. You can fill these out in your home and bring them with you when you come for your first appointment.

If you are new patient, and you would like to transfer your existing records from your previous dental office, we will ask you to sign an "Authorization to Release X-Ray/Records" form and we will take care of the rest!

Your Family Dentistry visit will be, for the most part, one of the most pleasant experiences you will ever have. Our whole staff will strive to make you feel at home, even on your very first visit. Our office is easy to find and is directly next door to the Coosa Valley Medical Center.

Dr. Rick Redmond

Dr. A. Rick Redmond grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. He graduated from the University of Florida in 1988 and then went to the University of Alabama School of Dentistry at UAB. He graduated from dental school in 1992 and while in school was awarded membership in the OKU Honorary Society and received the general dentistry award. Dr. Redmond then did advanced training in a hospital dentistry residency program at the University of Washington in Seattle. He is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry, American Equilibration Society, American Dental Association, Alabama Dental Association, and the Birmingham District Dental Society. Dr. Redmond enjoys playing sports with his son, reading, jogging, tinkering with electronics, and being active in the community.

Dr. Redmond has added a new digital panorex x-ray machine, which produces less radiation and uses no film. It send the images straight to the computer for instant and better analysis.

Dr. Redmond's has a friendly and knowledgeable staff. They have over 75 years of dental experience between them. The newest member of our staff has been with us for over 6 years. With so much experience, the staff can answer many questions with first hand knowledge.

Dr. Redmond is an avid runner and sports enthusiast. He swims and rides bikes. He has run in both the Chicago and Portland Marathons. He also ran in the Boston Marathon in April 2014. He is working towards completing his first half ironman distance triathlon in the next year

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Velscope Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is often deemed the “forgotten disease,” because it kills more people than testicular cancer, cervical cancer and cancer of the brain each year and receives little publicity in return. Each year, over 30,000 Americans contract oral cancer, and only 57% of these people will live for more than five years without treatment.

Many people believe that if they abstain from tobacco and alcohol use, oral cancer will not affect them. Tobacco and alcohol use does contribute to oral cancer; however, 25% of those diagnosed abstain from both substances.

The best way to stay protected from oral cancer is to get annual oral cancer screenings. Most dentists perform an oral cancer exam during a regular dental checkup. The FDA-approved VELscope® offers dentists another examination tool to help detect oral cancer in its earliest stages. The VELscope® is a blue excitation lamp, which highlights precancerous and cancerous cell changes.

How does the VELscope® work?

The VELscope® uses Fluorescence Visualization (FV) in an exciting new way. Essentially, bright blue light is shone into the mouth to expose changes and lesions that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. One of the biggest difficulties in diagnosing oral cancer is that its symptoms look similar to symptoms of less serious problems. The VELscope® System affords the dentist important insight as to what is happening beneath the surface.

The healthy soft tissue of the mouth naturally absorbs the VELscope® frequency of blue light. Healthy areas beneath the surface of the soft tissue show up green, and the problem areas become much darker.

Here are some of the advantages of using the VELscope® System:

  • Can be combined with digital photography.
  • Detects lesions, white and red patches.
  • Detects problem areas that cannot be seen under white light.
  • Exposes precancerous and cancerous tissue.
  • FDA-approved.
  • Helps dentists check that diseased soft tissue is completely removed.
  • Helps diagnose oral cancer in its earliest stages, exponentially increasing the chance of survival.
  • Quick, painless examinations.

How is the VELscope® examination performed?

The VELscope® examination literally takes only two or three minutes. It is a painless and noninvasive procedure that saves many lives every single year.

Here is a brief overview of what a VELscope® examination is like:

Initially, the dentist will perform a regular visual examination of the whole lower face. This includes the glands, tongue, cheeks and palate as well as the teeth. Next a pre-rinse solution is swilled around the mouth for slightly less than a minute. The dentist provides special eyewear to protect the integrity of the retinas. The lights in the room are dimmed to allow a clear view of the oral cavity.

The small VELscope® is bent to project blue light inside the mouth. Lesions and other indicators of oral cancer are easily noticeable because they appear much darker under the specialized light.

If symptoms are noted, the dentist may take a biopsy there and then to determine whether or not this is oral cancer. The results of the biopsy dictate the best course of action from there. Otherwise, another oral cancer screening is performed in one year’s time.

If you have any questions or concerns about oral cancer screening or the VELscope® system, please contact our office.

CEREC Dental Restorations

Meet the Team

  • Angie

    Angie is a licensed hygienist and has been with Dr. Redmond for over 20 years. Angie has over 35 years experience in the dental field. She manages the front desk and coordinates patient scheduling, billing, and insurance benefits.

  • Jamell

    Jamell is one of our hygienist. Jamell has been working in this office over 18 years and has over 22 years experience in the dental field. She is also one of our patient care coordinators.

  • Wanda

    Wanda is another of our hygienist and she has been with Dr. Redmond for over 20 years. She has over 35 years experience in the dental office and also helps coordinate insurance benefits and patient scheduling.

  • Melissa

    Meslissa is our newest hygienist and has over 22 years experience in the dental field and is also one of our patient care coordinators.

  • Joany

    Joany has been working in this office for over 14 years and has over 17 years experience in a dental office. She is Dr. Redmond's assistant and a patient care coordinator.

  • Myra

    Our newest dental hygienist, Myra has been working in our office part time for about a year.


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